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Last Updated 17/08/14

Although a few people have spoke to me about   Please note the K.O cup rounds are now
possibly helping out in someway nobody has   Sunday fixtures
actually come forward to volunteer to take on    
either of the secretary or treasurer positions.    
It is about this time I send out the winter registration    
    To all teams in division 1 Eaton Ya Mum are now
    playing from the Stute after the pub at Eaton has
    closed down.
As you may now be aware both Roger Brewer    
and myself announced our resignations at the    
recent AGM.  Please see below    
Can you please ensure all score sheets are handed in   To all teams in division 1.  There is an error
on time.  A late sheet does cause me a lot of   on the contact list that is in your folders. Timmy
inconvenience.  They must be at    and His Magic Stick play from the Snooker
my home address no later than 8.00pm on the   Club.  Not the Polish Club which is listed.
Friday following the match or sooner if possible.    
Points will be deducted in accordance with the rules.    

Melton Pool League


Hi all,


Some of you may already be aware but here is the official version.  On the eve of the AGM I said to both the Chairlady and the Treasurer it was my intention to announce my resignation at the AGM.  Roger, the Treasurer then informed me on the night of the AGM that if I was going then he felt it was time for a change all round and he was too.  Caroline the chairlady agreed to stay on.  Roger has served this league in the position of treasurer for 18 years so he has done more than his fair share.  I felt that after 10 years being the secretary and 5 years before that as assistant secretary and chairman it was time to stand aside for some fresh blood to take over.  I don't have the same amount of time on my hands as I once had and as a result I have made some silly mistakes whilst setting up the current Summer league purely down to rushing things. The last thing I want is to start letting things slide.  I also don't really have the same enthusiasm for the job I once had.  It has also come to my notice that a few of you are a bit dis-appointed with the website and think it should be better.  I must admit, I fully agree but I don't have the knowledge or the expertise to improve it further.  I also think it may be beneficial if more than one person were to take on the role of secretary so as not to put all the work onto one person.  So, we now need a new Secretary and Treasurer.  If anyone wishes to volunteer their time and services for either of these roles then please get in touch asap.  Some one with a good knowledge for the website etc would have a huge advantage as they could build on what is a solid foundation.  With so many pubs closing down it is a huge testament to yourselves that we still have such a strong league both for the winter and summer and it really would be a shame if no-one was prepared to carry this on.  So as I have stated, at the end of the current Summer league both Roger Brewer and I will no longer be involved with the running of the Melton Pool League.  May I thank you for your support over the years and I hope you will continue to give the same support to whoever our successors are.


thank you




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