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Last Updated 28/09/14

Better late than never.  I have finally entered   Leading Hat Tricks
some information into the history/archive link.    
Check out the former winners.   Div 1   Martin McQuade 5
              Biff Posey 5

Melton Sports

  Div 2   Tom Loomes 7
Meltons new sports shop now stocks a range   Div 3   Shane Moore 9
of Power Glide pool cues and accessories.  Pop   Div 4   Duncan Aske 6
in to have a look. Congratulations go to Tom Loomes who is the new Div 5   Billy Beedie 4
  Summer League singles champion.            Mark Sanson 4
              Sam Rayson 4
              John Beedie 4

Great News !!!!!

Aaron Booth, Duncan Tomblin and Ben Jackson    
have volunteered to run the league so you can all   To all teams in division 1 Eaton Ya Mum are now
breathe a sigh of relief as there will now be a   playing from the Stute after the pub at Eaton has
winter league.    closed down.
Can you please ensure all score sheets are handed in   To all teams in division 1.  There is an error
on time.  A late sheet does cause me a lot of   on the contact list that is in your folders. Timmy
inconvenience.  They must be at    and His Magic Stick play from the Snooker
my home address no later than 8.00pm on the   Club.  Not the Polish Club which is listed.
Friday following the match or sooner if possible.    
Points will be deducted in accordance with the rules.    

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